An efficient and precise customer service is one of our key objectives: responding within 24h, sending spare parts, finding solutions to any fault.
We are known for our reliability and accuracy, which we guarantee through 4 specific services: Spare parts, Assistance, Test laboratory and Tailored design.


We provide a quick and efficient spare parts service for mechanical and electronic components, both in Italy and abroad. By contacting the dedicated email address we will send you a quote with costs and delivery times. Our warehouse can also supply spare parts for Pafa machines that have been in use for more than 20 years.

Mechanics: Since our machinery is highly reliable, our customers rarely need a mechanical technician to intervene directly. In the event of a mechanical failure, we are always available to assist customers on the phone or by e-mail in order to find the right solution, responding and solving issues within 24 hours.


Electronics: Remote assistance with PAFACONTROL.

With Pafacontrol, the Pafa team can remotely access the customer’s machine using the Internet. Thanks to this new remote assistance service, we are able to solve faults or machine downtime in real time and we also offer special courses and training to learn how to use the machine and create new programs. With Pafacontrol you can: check the status of the machinery, production data, machining shifts, calculate the raw materials needed, check what maintenance is required, and view the spare parts catalogue from any device: directly on the machine, from a remote PC or on a smartphone.


A real laboratory to perform yarn tests is at the client’s disposal. The laboratory is equipped with various types of machines, in order to test the model that best suits the different needs. Micro-sampling is also possible, the availability of which shall be verified on a case-by-case basis.


Besides the machine models listed in our catalog, a tailored design and customisation service is also available. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the sector, we are able to recommend the solution that best suits to the customers’ needs.