The history of Pafasystem


Mario Fani started to produce textile machines in 1964. Together with Giorgio Paoli, his partner at the time, they founded Pa.Fa. Macchine Tessili Sas. Many years have passed since then, and the company became PAFA SpA first, and later PAFASYSTEM Srl. We have transformed and evolved. Our production has passed from spinning and twisting machines to simple machines for special and fancy yarns, chenille machines, auxiliary machines such as gauze weaving machines and winding machines: but we have never lost sight of our mission: to produce the very best textile machines!


Today, we are the leading firm in our business. How did we do it? We listen to our customers, we advise them on the choice of the machinery, we strive for their satisfaction; we offer a customised and tailored production; we commit to producing innovative machines able to guarantee energy saving; we provide a precise and efficient assistance and spare parts service; we provide you with a free laboratory for yarn tests and samples. And we know that history and experience are the key elements to success.


Clients, innovation, efficiency, energy saving and organisation. Are these already part of our present? Then, we will improve them. And we will do it thanks to the new generation leading Pafa, to grant continuity to a history rich in knowledge and passion. We see or future in colours, the colours of the wonderful fancy and chenille yarns made with our machinery.