Efficient and accurate customer service is one of our primary goals: replying within 24h, promptly sending out the spare part, solving a problem and avoiding downtime with online servicing.
We are known for our reliability and accuracy, which we guarantee through 4 specific services: Spare parts, Assistance, Test Laboratory and Tailored Design.


We provide a quick and efficient spare parts service for mechanical and electronic components, both in Italy and abroad. Drop a line at our dedicated email address or the dedicated Pafaservice phone number +39 338 8831991 for an immediate answer and/or quotes in 24h. Our warehouse can supply spare parts for Pafa machines that have been in use even for more than 20 years.


WhatsApp & calls: +39 338 8831991 (business hours)

WeChat ID: pafaservice1962

PAFARemote – Assistance

Pafa’s new assistance is online: Thanks to the remote connection, we are able – subject to authorisation from the customer – to intervene directly on the machine and soon find the required solution. PafaRemote not only eliminates downtime, but also provides training and after-sales advice with an easy and direct approach.

The supervision of the production programmes is also possible through mobile devices.

PAFALab – Test Room

A 350 sqm laboratory is available to customers for tests, samples and micro-sampling. The laboratory is equipped with various types of machines, in order to test the model that best suits your needs. You can send your material to the PafaLab – be it fibres or yarns – with the specifications of the final product to be obtained and our team will create the samples for you.

PAFACustom – Tailored design

Besides the machine models listed in our catalogue, a tailored design and customisation service is also available. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, we are able to respond to new sector needs with effective solutions